Azienda Agricola Guglielmi

Azienda Agricola Guglielmi

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Find out all about Az. Agr. Guglielmi: what we do, our mission and our history. We specialize in Extra Virgin Olive Oil but we offer much more to our customers, we are open all year round offering local people and tourists EVO oil, fresh products and their derivatives and events suitable for families. Our EVO oils are produced exclusively with olives from our olive groves, with more than 2500 plants in production and harvesting is done by hand and with mechanical facilitators:


Our EVOs come from the Valpolicella and Eastern Garda area, from some portions of the plot, picking the olives at a very precise moment of ripeness (veraison) and for the monocultivar exclusively from the Grignano variety. Production takes place in the family oil mill within 24 hours of harvesting using the cold extraction method, thus preserving the delicate aromas and particular scents that characterize the production of our territory. Those who buy our products choose to share with us a millenary passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the love for our territory and the freshness of ideas in always wanting to get involved and make the world of oil and olive growing that embrace our daily life at 360 °. Here at Az. Agr. Guglielmi we feel very lucky to be able to dedicate ourselves to what we love.

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Hi everyone, I'm Alessandra and I'll tell you how my company was born. From the passion for agriculture, greenery and landscape after graduating from Agrotechnics I graduated in "Land Reorganization and Landscape Protection", curriculum "Landscape, Parks and Gardens"
(Department of Forestry) at the University of Studies of Padua.

In 2016, following the release of the regional call PSR 2014-2020, I founded the "Guglielmi di Guglielmi Alessandra farm", of which I am the owner. The company is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, for the production of olives destined for transformation into Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as for the cultivation of the vine for the production of grapes of Valpolicella wine.

My previous experience as an assistant within the family firm "Frantoio per olives Guglielmi Claudio" has made me grow the desire to spread the culture of Extra Virgin Oil both to enhance the product, both to tell the environment and the landscape where we cultivate our work: the cradle of the "green gold" of Valpolicella. To date I take care of the farm while Diego continues the skilful work of processing the olives and offers the packaging service to numerous companies in the area.

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A healthier way of farming 
We are dedicated to making all those who want to know us live a green experience. The type of crops, km0 productions, fun initiatives and educational activities aim to bring visitors closer to nature and offer them a memorable experience. We pride ourselves on our advanced farming methods that protect the environment while providing the community with genuine products. Contact us to find out more about our goals.
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